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SK Attachment Versatility

For years, manufacturers of construction equipment have liked to compare multi-use equipment to the Swiss Army Knife, not only a knife but a combination of various tools in one compact package.

As attachment tools began to be developed for compact mini skid steer loaders, it was inevitable the Swiss Army Knife comparison was applied to this product category, also.

Vibratory Plows for Landscaping

Whether it’s a residential “sprinkler” system for a front lawn or a commercial project covering several acres, underground irrigation systems keep grass and landscaping watered, even in extremely hot and dry weather.

Company’s Growth Parallels Advances In HDD Technology

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) comprises a large portion of the workload of Chesapeake, Virginia, contractor Global Underground Solutions. Most days Global has five HDD crews at work on a wide variety of projects.

Today, directional drilling is accepted as a proven method of construction by utility providers and engineering consultants who plan projects to install underground infrastructure.

This wasn’t always the case.

Gateway Pipeline Tackles Trenchless Tasks With Ditch Witch Drills

The Gateway Companies, LLC, Shawnee, Oklahoma, specializes in a wide range of construction for oil and gas companies in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas, including pipeline construction.

Gateway Pipeline constructs energy pipelines, much of the work is open-cut construction employing large excavators and track trenchers. However, on most pipeline projects, horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is required for segments where excavation is impractical or impossible or banned by environmental restrictions.

Ditch Witch Zahn® R300 Delivers Unbeatable Versatility and Power

For many years, the skid steer loader has been considered by many in the landscaping business a basic, must-have piece of equipment.

A primary reason for this label is the skid steer’s versatility; with a host of add-on attachments, a skid steer loader can perform many different jobs.

However, a problem many landscapers have found is that the add-on attachments are less productive than a dedicated machine, with trencher and vibratory plow attachments being good examples.

Wisconsin Public Service Company Counts on Ditch Witch Locators for Accuracy

A key element in preventing accidental damage to the nation’s underground utility infrastructure is the nation’s One-Call system.

Calling 811 from anywhere in the country connects the caller to the nearest One-Call center which requests member companies to locate and mark their buried infrastructures prior to construction that involves excavation (in damage prevention parlance, excavation is any activity that disturbs the soil).


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